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Dopesick release second stirring single from upcoming Lifter EP.

Hot on the heels of ‘Take Me’, the summery alt. rocker released earlier in 2023, LA’s Dopesick are back with their latest single, ‘No One Can Save You’, which is once again distributed through Wake Up! Music Rocks. The track finds the band returning to their alternative metal origins, and is led by driving guitars and some colossal drum sections from Chris Kontos- formerly of Bay Area thrash legends, Machine Head.

The lyrical aspects of ‘No One Can Save You’ are conveyed “through the eyes of somebody who’s lost, or somebody that is deep into addiction”, says Dopesick’s creator, Adam Albright, who performs all vocals, guitar, and bass on the song. At one point or another during its 3:24 running time, each of the band’s core elements are presented, from crunching instrumentation and powerfully accessible choruses to epochs of potent rapping, which add further depth and swagger. ‘No One Can Save You’ underlines Dopesick’s vast array of sounds and styles which they continue to effortlessly amalgamate into their music, separating themselves from much of LA’s rock and metal scenes.

Dopesick released their debut EP, The Love and Terror Cult, in 2017, before their first full-length album, A Violent Happy Place, followed in 2019. A handful of singles came between 2020 and 2022, including ‘Summertime’, featuring H.R. from seminal punks, Bad Brains. Dopesick’s brand new EP, Lifter, will be released at the beginning of 2024.

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