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People familiar with Dopesick’s back catalogue may find the lead track from the upcoming Lifter EP somewhat of a surprise but from the opening foray of soaring riffs and a bouncing drumbeat, ‘Take Me’ reveals ifself as a reflective and glistening alt rock anthem. Possessing a sheen much akin to its summery cover art, ‘Take Me’ talks of change, whether it be in a relationship or a friendship, and how our past lives can help shape our futures.

With all guitar, bass and vocal work covered by Dopesick’s creator, Adam Albright, and the punchy drum sections performed by Rich Sacco, this infectious song has a hook and chorus that is made for the radio airwaves. When discussing ‘Take Me’, Albright reveals its origins, “It’s a different style and vibe for Dopesick, but not for me. I had demoed the song before but I didn’t end up doing anything with it. This was going to be the fourth song I sent over for the EP but I finished it and sent it first. My Label loved it. I like all kinds of music so sometimes you’re going to get a left-turn with Dopesick and I’m going to write in a different style.”

Less reliant on the heavier and distorted guitar-driven songs which have made Dopesick a household name in the rock and metal communities, ‘Take Me’ finds the band spreading its wings with a song that contains a sumptuous pop hook and a triumphant guitar solo befitting of its vibrant atmosphere. ‘Take Me’ was recorded by Patrick Burkholder at the Pawn Shop Studio in Van Nuys, and produced by Eddie Wohl, whose previous credits include Anthrax, Fuel, and Smile Empty Soul. The song was mastered by Ted Jensen, who has worked on Grammy nominated albums by Green Day, Evanescence, and Alice in Chains.

Dopesick’s discography includes the debut EP, ‘The Love and Terror Cult’ (2017), followed by the first full-length album, ‘A Violent Happy Place’ (2019), and a handful of singles released between 2020 and 2022 including ‘Summertime’, featuring Bad Brains, H.R. Recently signed to Wake Up! Music Rocks, Dopesick’s brand new EP, ‘Lifter’, will be released later in 2023.

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